Anima Nostra delays

The release of the Anima Nostra album has unfortunately been delayed due to manufacturing problems, but all has been sorted now and Cold Spring will start shipping them by the end of March. Thank you for your patience.

“Wermland Atonal 1” limited cassette version

Available now from Ciel Bleu et Petits Oiseaux: Wermland Atonal 1. Act fast if you want one as it is limited to 33 copies!


The digital version is available here.

Sigillum series


ANIMA NOSTRA Pre-order now available

Go to Cold Spring to pre-order the new album ANIMA NOSTRA which will hit the streets February 29.

Teaser EP online now…

Click the picture below to go to the teaser EP “Sunyata” from my forthcoming collaboration with Margaux Renaudin called “Anima Nostra”. Coming on CD from Cold Spring Records soon.
All the music on this teaser is Bandcamp exclusive and will not be featured on the album.

As usual, most of my music at Bandcamp is free to download/stream, but you can chose the option to pay if you want to support me and The Great Work ahead.


Last post of 2015 / Barcelona

Last update this year – first a big thanks to Javier and all of you who showed up in Barcelona last weekend – especially all of you who travelled from other countries to attend. I had a great time and it was nice to play an intimate concert in such a small place.
Nordvargr Barcelona

The offer to buy my digital discography over at Bandcamp still stands (but not as cheap as when introduced), and there is also a lot of free (or pay if you want) content to stream or download to help you get in the perfect yule/jul/xmas/hannukah mode. A big THANK YOU to all who have supported me, and especially the (few) ones who bought my whole discography.

See you next year – a lot of plans for 2016 will be published in January (Live shows, releases and happenings).

Last sigils for sale

The last remaining sigils are now for sale at – if you want one, act now (you also get a free download of  Sigillum EE A.K. with your purchase).


Grazie mille Bologna

MZ. 412 live and new Nordvargr material

Don´t miss the (possibly) last performance of MZ. 412 in Bologna, Italy next weekend – more info here.

Also – do not miss the new Nordvargr release “Sigillum EE A.K.” . Follow the link to read more about it. I will also soon release a series of sigils (20×20 cm, acrylic/DNA on canvas) that will be sold via my merch section over at Bandcamp (and possibly also at the shows). If you have no interest in sigilmagick they can still be just considered art objects, but they are meant to be activated if you so choose.


Upcoming live performances

25-26 September: Tower Transmissions V, Dresden Germany. Goatvargr / Genocide Organ / Inade etc…

31 October: X Congresso Post Industriale, Bologna Italy. MZ. 412 / TxRxP / SC9 etc…

Also plan to visit Spain, Poland, Germany and Greece in a near future with Folkstorm and Nordvargr – more dates will be published here as they get confirmed. See you there.