Out today: ATRAMENTS

Anima Nostra´s second album “Atraments” is being released on CD today – go get your copy from Malignant Records or your preferred distro.
We have also set up a Bandcamp site for all things Anima Nostra – go there to stream/buy ALL the releases now!

Check out the “early reviews” post below to see what the critics said about it…

Mastering and Sound design

Just a quick post to let you know that I am now available for work; check this link for more info!

Folkstorm compilation online NOW!

Filthy gold” is a free compilation of Folkstorm tracks, go HERE to stream/download!

News – Nordvargr, Anima Nostra, Folkstorm…

Right now I am preparing the live performance in Vilnius later this month, after that I will start producing “Kheberian Sermons” which will be a live album that documents the last years performances (if you have good pictures from any of my concerts, get in touch!).

“Atraments”, the second Anima Nostra album, is all done and will be released by Malignant Records later this spring. According to Jason Mantis “Atraments is the unleashing of something truly monumental and cataclysmic, eclipsing nearly everything Nordvargr has ever been associated with in of scope and grandeur.”

The “feel good hit of the summer” will soon be available in limited quantities from OEC, go order it now if you want a copy.

Collaborations with Thomas Ekelund/TxRxP, Dødsmaskin, Eidulon and Roro Perrot are currently also being recorded, expect more info on this later…

More info and clues on what´s cooking can be found here



The (possibly) last chapter of the Sigillum series. Intended as background music for inner workings. Do not play casually and/or without focus. This is not entertainment. No streaming available. In order to immerse in this experience you need to show support and dedication.

Nordvargr live in Vilnius 22/4

Limited MZ. 412 vinyl available

Annapurna Productions has just released a remastered and limited edition of “Burning the temple of god”. Only 206 copies available on white vinyl and they are going fast so head over to Ordo MCM to order a copy now.

Sigillum series information

I have been getting a few questions regarding my Sigillum series, so here is some information to clear things up:

I initially recorded the first three Sigillum digital releases (Sigillum ACHAM, Sigillum ATRA and Sigillum EE A.K.) as background music for other activites than just “entertainment”. By that I mean practices where you want to use the music as a mood enhancer or as backdrop to something deeper and more profound – it could be rituals, meditation, sex or other physical activities that needs focusing of your Will. They are intended as tools, not something to put on and enjoy in the classic sense.

The last(?) chapter in this series – Sigillum AKASHAI DASU – just released – is not available for streaming.

The Zazen Sounds/Nigrum Serpentis CD release “Atra Acham” is a reworked version that mainly uses Sigillum ATRA and Sigillum ACHAM as sources, but it is not the same versions and it is a more focused representation of the Sigillum series as I had to adjust the recordings to the length of a CD.

For now the only physical manifestation of the Sigillum series is the above mentioned album, but there might be some news on this shortly.

Nordvargr “Atra Acham” album sold out

“Zazen Sounds and Nigrum Serpentis presents Atra Acham (CD, ZZS016/NSP011), an album that is inspired from personal empirism in the Drakonian Current. The purpose behind it is to transfer the listener to this hidden sphere of experience (Headphones Required). The first 40 copies come with a special handmade incense for use during meditation.”
The whole edition sold out in a few hours, but you can probably still find copies at the distros…