Live in Moscow October 6: Nordvargr + TxRxP + Phurpa

Split CD Shibalba / Anima Nostra

In depth Nordvargr interview

Check out the awesome zine Bardo Methodology which has a really deep interview with me.

No rest for the wicked…

Currently finishing up some releases for later this year; 2017 will undoubtedly be a very prolific year for me. Check the discography for more details.

I am also doing some soundtrack work for a movie that will premier later this year, more info as things get a bit more official.

Towards darker times…

The solstice has passed and we are heading towards darker nights again (we do not have much darkness during summers here in Sweden in case you missed that). I will be taking a break from music for a few weeks to return in August with new strength… lots of music being released later this year, but unfortunately not so much happening on the live side of things. Get in touch if you want to see me on stage. Also, if you want to support me and/or enjoy my music, there is always my Bandcamp.
For now, I will leave you with this piece of meditative bliss that I had the pleasure of mastering:

Out today: ATRAMENTS

Anima Nostra´s second album “Atraments” is being released on CD today – go get your copy from Malignant Records or your preferred distro.
We have also set up a Bandcamp site for all things Anima Nostra – go there to stream/buy ALL the releases now!

Check out the “early reviews” post below to see what the critics said about it…

Mastering and Sound design

Just a quick post to let you know that I am now available for work; check this link for more info!

Folkstorm compilation online NOW!

Filthy gold” is a free compilation of Folkstorm tracks, go HERE to stream/download!

News – Nordvargr, Anima Nostra, Folkstorm…

Right now I am preparing the live performance in Vilnius later this month, after that I will start producing “Kheberian Sermons” which will be a live album that documents the last years performances (if you have good pictures from any of my concerts, get in touch!).

“Atraments”, the second Anima Nostra album, is all done and will be released by Malignant Records later this spring. According to Jason Mantis “Atraments is the unleashing of something truly monumental and cataclysmic, eclipsing nearly everything Nordvargr has ever been associated with in of scope and grandeur.”

The “feel good hit of the summer” will soon be available in limited quantities from OEC, go order it now if you want a copy.

Collaborations with Thomas Ekelund/TxRxP, Dødsmaskin, Eidulon and Roro Perrot are currently also being recorded, expect more info on this later…

More info and clues on what´s cooking can be found here