December report

I have now sent all the masters for my upcoming album “Metempsychosis” to Cyclic Law – this album will be released March 2018 on CD/LP/CS.

My studio has seen the greatest extent of neglect, since I haven’t worked any real magick there since completing my last album “The secret barbarous names”. This autumn I decided that the time was right to start picking up the threads of my practice and start engaging in some serious work again, partly because of an inspiring movie soundtrack I was composing (Totem), and partly because I felt I was haunted by my future death. I aligned myself with my personal spirits and once again I found new inspiration and new ways; “Metempsychosis” was the result. The concept of Metempsychosis – the transmigration of the soul, was the basic concept for the compositional process. However, not in the classic reincarnative sense, but as a study of how souls rather than being judged by a higher power themselves chooses what flesh to inhabit. To freely roam between the dimensions and to cling on to any form of life at will. These cycles of life and death, bound in part by flesh, inspired to create these tense and organic atmospheres – all synonymous with the journey of the soul.

There are also a lot of reissues coming; first up is the MZ. 412 discography on cassette, released by Funeral Industries in only 200 copies – act fast if you want a copy. After that Annapurna Productions will release the first ever vinyl printing of MZ. 412´s “In Nomine…”.

Then we have the Annapurna/OEC D-LP release of MZ. 412/Trepaneringsritualen live coming out any day now.

Also worth mentioning is the debut 10″ vinyl “Lidaverken part 1″by Det Kätterska Förbund (Nordvargr+TxRxP) on Cold Spring Records, coming early 2018.

November report

Still mentally recovering from the Cold Meat Industry 30 years festival; I have never before witnessed such a totally devoted and international crowd before (46 countries represented!). If you want to read more about what went down, check out Noise Receptors report.

If you are in Poland November 24, don´t miss the premier of the movie “Totem” which I helped to score. A very dark story from the polish underground…


Live in Moscow October 6: Nordvargr + TxRxP + Phurpa

Split CD Shibalba / Anima Nostra

In depth Nordvargr interview

Check out the awesome zine Bardo Methodology which has a really deep interview with me.

No rest for the wicked…

Currently finishing up some releases for later this year; 2017 will undoubtedly be a very prolific year for me. Check the discography for more details.

I am also doing some soundtrack work for a movie that will premier later this year, more info as things get a bit more official.

Towards darker times…

The solstice has passed and we are heading towards darker nights again (we do not have much darkness during summers here in Sweden in case you missed that). I will be taking a break from music for a few weeks to return in August with new strength… lots of music being released later this year, but unfortunately not so much happening on the live side of things. Get in touch if you want to see me on stage. Also, if you want to support me and/or enjoy my music, there is always my Bandcamp.
For now, I will leave you with this piece of meditative bliss that I had the pleasure of mastering:

Out today: ATRAMENTS

Anima Nostra´s second album “Atraments” is being released on CD today – go get your copy from Malignant Records or your preferred distro.
We have also set up a Bandcamp site for all things Anima Nostra – go there to stream/buy ALL the releases now!

Check out the “early reviews” post below to see what the critics said about it…

Mastering and Sound design

Just a quick post to let you know that I am now available for work; check this link for more info!