Sigillum series information

I have been getting a few questions regarding my Sigillum series, so here is some information to clear things up:

I initially recorded the first three Sigillum digital releases (Sigillum ACHAM, Sigillum ATRA¬†and Sigillum EE A.K.) as background music for other activites than just “entertainment”. By that I mean practices where you want to use the music as a mood enhancer or as backdrop to something deeper and more profound – it could be rituals, meditation, sex or other physical activities that needs focusing of your Will. They are intended as tools, not something to put on and enjoy in the classic sense.

The last(?) chapter in this series – Sigillum AKASHAI DASU – just released – is not available for streaming.

The Zazen Sounds/Nigrum Serpentis CD release “Atra Acham” is a reworked version that mainly uses Sigillum ATRA and Sigillum ACHAM as sources, but it is not the same versions and it is a more focused representation of the Sigillum series as I had to adjust the recordings to the length of a CD.

For now the only physical manifestation of the Sigillum series is the above mentioned album, but there might be some news on this shortly.