The dark season is here

As winter and a new year approaches, I hereby proudly announce a new Nordvargr CD release planned to be unleashed January 17:

The secret barbarous names (Malignant Records)
9 tracks, 48 minutes. Limited digipac edition.

“Incredibly haunting and formidable invocations, built upon richly timbered, incantatory vocals and deep, liturgical chants, and occasionally augmented by ominous orchestral swell and ritual percussion. All of it is endlessly stretched out into lightless passages of primordial malevolence and suffocating dread”

May the winter bite your limbs and harden you for the tribulations to come, and may 2017 be an even better year than this. There are lots of plans for next year, so keep an eye out for updates. Don’t forget to stream/dl my music here.

If you are a promotor and want to book me for 2017, drop me an email – still lots of open dates in my calendar.

…and remember; salvation comes from inside. Reach inward and ye shall find.
“Darkness preceded light and she is Mother”