What´s cooking?

A devoted follower of my music mailed me and asked about what to expect from my forthcoming Nordvargr albums – I´ll share my answer with the world:

Murkhr: The most traditional album of this year, most probably. Very dark ambient, some bombastic elements and a sprinkle of obscured voices, mostly my own. Somewhat an ambient precursor of the forthcoming MZ. 412 album. The release itself will be divided over three formats – CD, vinyl LP and cassette. The packaging is still in the planning stages, but it will be different, that I can promise.

The Dromopoda Transmissions: Experimental, noisy and still quite ambient in style. It holds a strong insect vibe to it, hence the title reference. Bug music? It will come in two very different versions/mixes, an ultra limited boxed cassette and a digipac CD.

Music for N,N-Dimetyltryptamin: A very experimental album (online release only at the moment on Vicmod Records/Australia) recorded on the Buchla 200e modular system exclusively. It contains elements of my ”classic” style, but it goes beyond that in terms of experimentation, methodology and goals. It is not an album about drugs. To actually say that this is music for something like DMT is ironic – you will most probably not be taking notice of music at all when taking DMT. It does make you high, but not in the traditional sense of the word. It separates your consciousness from your body. It makes you leave your body. It raises serious questions about what we really are. Or more specifically, how the human mind works – that was my inspiration.

Nothing: This collaboration is still in planning stages. The goal is to make a really dark and deep ambient album. My plan is to use a lot of processed vocals to achieve this. I am still in the process of purchasing some new equipment that will make this process easier.