205 Recordings

Temporary sanctuary for music composed and recorded with total disregard for anything but the personal vision.
No new releases planned.

All previous 205 Recordings releases are sold out (check your local distro for leftovers):

205REC-898 D.I.N. – Phase Retard Extinction
205REC-897 Mono-Poly – Ani Tsalagi Svnoyihi
205REC-896 Vargr – Mors Omnia Solvit
205REC-895 Nordvargr – Resignation 2
205REC-894 Toroidh – Eine kleine Marschmusik
205REC-892 Vargr – Ave Maria
205REC-891 Vargr – Orsic descending
205REC-890 Nordvargr – Avart – Music For Movement CD
205REC-889 Nordvargr – Interstellar 2 High End Version CD
205REC-888 Nordvargr – Live Awakening USB+Box
205REC-777 Resignation – 1897
205REC-666 Marvargr – Likstank CD
205REC-004 Toroidh – Testament CD+LP
205REC-003 Toroidh – Europe is dead LP
205REC-002 Toroidh – Box EP/shirt
205REC-001 Toroidh – Those Who Do Not Remember The Past Are Condemned To Repeat It CD+LP