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Time to go shopping some vinyl

You can now go to Neuropa and book your copy of the new 7″ by Toroidh “Alliance Proditorum” – ships next week! Follow THIS LINK to book it. Note that this release is very limited, so act quick. If you want more Toroidh (or anything else) just go to nordvargr.bandcamp.com and stream/download more…

New and old releases online!

Bringing you something old and something new to light up your February:

The follow up to the 2009 album “Untitled Navigations 1″ (Beast of Prey 6.5) is now available – a dark journey into the nocturnal Swedish landscapes. The album is based around field recordings of my surroundings which has been altered/enhanced to become an alternate soundtrack to my life and environment. Go here to download it!

Cold Meat Industry might be dead, but the legacy lives on! Introducing the expanded and remastered version of the old headcleaning Folkstorm album “For the love of hate“. Great care to detail and many late hours were spent to ensure that the sound was as clear and bonecrushing as possible since the original production was very rough and dirty. The download also features two bonustracks previously released as bootlegs.



Ten years have now passed since I released the “Sleep therapy” boxset on OEC. To celebrate this you can now purchase the digital version for only 12 euro here for a limited time. This version also contains a whole hour of extra previously unreleased material.


BSE & Nordvargr team up at The Valhalla Festival


Vargr will forever be resting, but the music will live on… I have compiled a few memorable moments, unreleased demos and a few obscure versions as a burialplace for the rotting corpse over here:

New Toroidh vinyl EP announcement

Starting the year with a little teaser; coming soon in very limited quantities – “Alliance Proditorum” vinyl EP. More news shortly…

In the meantime you can go listen/download this album.

The Dromopoda Transmissions now available

Fresh off the press – The new Nordvargr album “The Dromopoda Transmissions” CD + DVD set. Go to Old Europa Cafe (or your local distro) to order!

Free release: The missing link

Almost ten years after completing this album I felt that it could finally be available to the public – it was recorded inbetween “I end forever” and “For the blood is the life” and I considered it too strange and difficult to share with the world then…  Go here to stream or download it free.  If you feel that it is worth something to you you have the option to pay for the download.

Free release: Artifacts from a broken core

Celebrating my 42:nd birthday by releasing a free compilation – Go here to stream or download it.  If you feel like giving me a birthday gift you have the option to pay for the download.