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nordvargr.bandcamp.com. Why? Because if you want to hear or own my music online it is the best place to go to. It is also the only place where you can, for the most part, decide for yourself how much you want to pay for it (or not, it is up to you). If you want to support me and my future musical adventures it is the way to go…

The mission of Toroidh is over


After almost 14 years of existence it is time to retire Toroidh. It has been a rough ride, but also a great one. Of all my musical projects this must be the most misunderstood one. This is actually one of the reasons I am terminating it. I refuse to let my music become a vehicle of politics. I thought that naming the debutalbum “Those who do not remember the past are condemned to repeat it” and calling the tracks “Never again I-IX” would be an indicator that the music was not glorifying any specific standpoint, but I was wrong. Let it be known once and for all that the music of Toroidh dealt mostly (but not exclusively) with the turmoil of Europe during the world wars, but it was intended as a soundtrack to the stupidity, wars and chaos – not a political standpoint.
With that said I salute all of you who supported Toroidh over the years – labels, fans, promotors, radiostations and zines.
Also – instead of letting the music be forgotten in your recordcollections the essential body of work (with added materials) has been REMASTERED and made public here:


If you choose to purchase the release you will get a total of 54 TRACKS for the price of an average album.

Music for N,N-Dimetyltryptamin re-released

First out in 2015 is the digital re-release of “Music for N,N-Dimetyltryptamin“. This album was released online by VICMOD Records in 2012 and consists of all live improvisations on the Buchla 200e system. The album is free to download (with the option to pay if you want).

Music for DMT

Nordvargr Live @ SE:UK Industrial Alliance Dec 6


Live on stage: 

Sutcliffe Jugend / Brighter Death Now / Deutsch Nepal / Raison D’Etre / Nordvargr / Iron Fist Of The Sun / Trepaneringsritualen / Tunnels Of Ah / Shift / Khost / Sleep Research Facility

Celebrate with me

I am celebrating my birthday by adding “Pay if you want” option to a lot of my albums over the weekend and also lowering the price for my 9+ hour long ambient/research monolith “Sleep Therapy”.

Join the celebrations and go to nordvargr.bandcamp.com to stream/download/buy the soundtrack to your weekend!

Final preparations

A new release – Final preparations – is now online. All compositions were composed and partly improvised as part of the process of rehearsing for the Nordvargr live experience. The release is free to download (with the option of donating something if you like it). I am currently preparing a limited physical release (a boxed USB with some personal items) – get in touch to reserve a copy.

Live documentation

A big thank you to all who came to witness the Tower Transmission IV Festival in Dresden. I am currently putting together a new digital release that will be consisting of my rehearsals and preparations for the piece I performed (possibly a VERY limited physical edition also).
More info about this shortly!

Nordvargr live in Germany + UK

Been a slow summer, but preparations for the upcoming shows are now in full swing:

26 – 27 September: Tower Transmissions IV, Dresden Germany
6 December: SE:UK Industrial Alliance, London UK

Nordvargr Live

Dont´forget that you can buy/stream a lot of exclusive music over @ Nordvargr Bandcamp.
Your support is always appreciated.

Nordvargr interview in Heathen Harvest

Heathen Harvest just published a large feature on my work with MZ. 412, the good ol´Cold Meat Industry years and life in general. Go here to read it!

More blood

Available now at my Bandcamp: For the blood is the life – The second strain EP. All new tracks and a few reworked versions from my album with the same name. It is free to download (but feel free to pay if you want). If you like what you hear you can still pick up the original release from Old Europa Cafe.