Last sigils for sale

The last remaining sigils are now for sale at - if you want one, act now (you also get a free download of  Sigillum EE A.K. with your purchase).


Grazie mille Bologna

MZ. 412 live and new Nordvargr material

Don´t miss the (possibly) last performance of MZ. 412 in Bologna, Italy next weekend – more info here.

Also – do not miss the new Nordvargr release “Sigillum EE A.K.” . Follow the link to read more about it. I will also soon release a series of sigils (20×20 cm, acrylic/DNA on canvas) that will be sold via my merch section over at Bandcamp (and possibly also at the shows). If you have no interest in sigilmagick they can still be just considered art objects, but they are meant to be activated if you so choose.


Upcoming live performances

25-26 September: Tower Transmissions V, Dresden Germany. Goatvargr / Genocide Organ / Inade etc…

31 October: X Congresso Post Industriale, Bologna Italy. MZ. 412 / TxRxP / SC9 etc…

Also plan to visit Spain, Poland, Germany and Greece in a near future with Folkstorm and Nordvargr – more dates will be published here as they get confirmed. See you there.

Folkstorm online

In order to not mix up my different projects too much there is now an official Folkstorm Bandcamp site. All albums are REMASTERED and most of them comes with some additional materials.


Paintings for sale

I am selling some of my paintings with exclusive “soundtracks”  - go to to check it out. Send an email if you are interested in buying something else…


Partiklar online

Click the picture above to get the collected Nordvargr contributions from the collaboration series “Partikel I / II / III” with Merzbow. Remastered February 2015 with added previously unreleased materials. For the complete experience with Merzbow on board, order the albums from Cold Spring Records (

Please note that this album can be downloaded for free. If you want to support me – if this album had any value to you – feel free to name your price. All donations reach me directly and are greatly appreciated.

On broken wings…

On Broken wings...

Remastered and rearranged version now available by clicking the image above. Free download with the option to donate if you want to support.

MZ. 412 – Hekatomb is out now!




Now available: The original and previously unreleased raw solorecordings that later turned into “Hypergenome666″. Deep, haunting and pure. Click the image to stream/download.