New year, new darkness to explore

News transmission from the Temple of Teragmon:

As you can see in my discography section there are a lot of planned releases for 2019, so check back often to see the progress of them… there are also plans for Nordvargr merch which will be announced shortly.

MZ. 412 will perform an exclusive performance at the Tower Transmissions Festival in Dresden Germany in September, more details soon.


Winter is coming…

I am happy to announce that the old studio that has been part of so many musical productions over the years has now been resurrected at a new location. Studio Nar Mattaru will now again be the creative center for all things Nordvargr/Anima Nostra/MZ. 412 etc… it will also expand a bit with possibilities to actually live in it, so in the future I hope that other artists might be able to come here to record/create. The first recordings in the new Nar Matturu has just started and will be the follow up album to Metempsychosis that will be out first half of 2019. After that Anima Nostra will enter the studio in full force.

There is a lot of stuff cooking over here, but as all of the forthcoming releases are not yet publically announced I cant give you all the details, but lets start some rumors: First up (probably) is the Svartmyrkr release by MZ. 412 (Cold Spring Records) on CD/vinyl/digital. As a little companion to that Annapurna Productions will also re-issue the MZ. 412 album “In nomine dei…” as a limited double vinyl set towards the end of the year. Then there is a little black spinning thing coming with Trepaneringsritualen and Nordvargr on it (dont forget that “Alpha Ænigma” is still available on CD from in DVD-sized Digipac) and a compilation thing that relates to Metempsychosis… speaking of compilations – Cold Spring is releasing a double CD called “Earthen” that will be out any day now; looks fantastic and features Det Kätterska Förbund and MZ. 412 (and some 20 other amazing bands).

Documentation: ZNFI 2018

Mixtape available to stream/download

MX​.​TAPE​.​RN​-​2018 is a free “mixtape” consisting of old and new, released and unreleased, original and remixed/demo music.

Stay tuned for news about MZ. 412, more Nordvargr-related materials and other obscure collaborations coming during the summer/autumn…


Enjoy the official trailer for the movie Totem that features a soundtrack from me:

Eidulon guest appearance

Check out the new release from Eidulon on Malignant Records

March updates: Metempsychosis and MZ. 412

Metempsychosis is now available for pre-orders; go to CYCLIC LAW to secure your physical copy of the Vinyl/CD/Tape/Shirt now – all comes in limited editions.
You can also pre-order digital versions at Bandcamp. There will be more things happening related to this release during the spring, so stay tuned for more info…

MZ. 412 is alive; Cold Spring Records will during 2018 release a 10″ (Ulvens Broder) and a new album (Svartmyrkr). More info as release dates are set.


Metempsychosis is coming…

Limited editions on CD / vinyl / tape by Cyclic Law, March 2018.

The concept of Metempsychosis – the transmigration of the soul, was the basic concept for the new album from Henrik Nordvargr Björkk. However, not in the classic reincarnative sense, but as a study of how souls rather than being judged by a higher power themselves chooses what flesh to inhabit. To freely roam between the dimensions and to cling on to any form of life at will. These cycles of life and death, bound in part by flesh, inspired to create these tense and organic atmospheres – all synonymous with the journey of the soul. The result is a natural evolution of Nordvargr´s trademark darkness into more rythmic and vocal compositions where the confrontational stance of Henrik´s other projects shines through; from the harsh bombast of MZ. 412 to the vocals of Anima Nostra, all surrounded by the darkest Scandinavian aura of horror.
Featuring guest vocals by Trepaneringsritualen and artwork by Dehn Sora.